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Dentist Office

Available Services

Routine Cleanings

& Exams

A comprehensive exam is an evaluation of teeth, gums, head, neck and oral cancer screening. 

Whitening & Veneers

If you are seeking a brighter, more beautiful smile, it’s time to consider professional treatments.

Emergency Dentistry

Plymouth Greene Dental provides complete emergency dental care. If you need an emergency dentist call us right away!

Dentures & Bridges

You have choices when it comes to the way you want to replace missing teeth. For many patients, dental bridges are their top choice. 

Dental Implants

Missing teeth affect a person’s appearance, the ability to speak and chew, and dental and overall health. Dental implants are an effective and reliable way to replace missing teeth or secure bridges and dentures. 


Straightening teeth isn't just for teenagers.  With Invisalign, teeth may be straightened at any age with ease and without braces.

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